Why the leadership of Equities First Holdings Will Help Them Lead the Lending Industry

Al Christy Jr. had the correct idea when he created Equities First Holdings(EFH) in 2002. By creating EFH, he provided an alternative method to people and businesses who were turned away from banks because they did not qualify for traditional loans. EFH provides financial advice and the equity loan. An equity loan allows a business or individual to use stocks as collateral. The stocks must be approved by EFH before it can be used as collateral. EFH will determine the future value of the stocks before it can be used as collateral.

By offering an alternative method, EFH was responsible for 700 transactions. The transactions delivered nearly a billion dollars to EFH’s customers. Looking towards the future, EFH projects to create nearly 2,000 transactions. They also expect to cross the $2 billion-plateau.

Integrity and professionalism are important components for EFH to reach their professional goals. Christy Jr. is a motivator who ensures that integrity will always be a part of the regular business practices of EFH