Wen By Chaz Cleanser Conditioner is Put to the Test and is Spectacular!

Beautiful hair is a main beauty feature for women, and having clean, healthy hair is of major importance to keeping your hairstyle looking incredible. Chaz Dean, CEO and founder of Wen by Chaz hair products and Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood, is a hair stylist of the celebrities. Chaz managed and owned a hair salon in Bel Air first, which he then moved to Hollywood. See crunchbase.com.

Chaz originated the Wen hair products at his studio where he offers a get-a-way private location, so his clients don’t have to worry about being followed by the paparazzi. They can relax and enjoy an afternoon of pampering. Recently, Bustle.com posted a blog about a 20-year-old girl who wanted to try the Wen by Chaz products and see for herself how they worked. She had seen the commercials and what it did for the models, but she wanted to know if the rumors were true. She conducted her own experiment and posted the results. This is what she found.

Emily McClure chose to try the Sweet Almond Mint cleanser conditioner for one week. Emily admittedly has very fine hair, so she decided to test the Wen by Chaz line. She committed to following the instructions on the bottle. On Day One, she noticed that she used more than she would regularly use with her regular shampoo, but she felt her hair “growing” thicker while she was using it. By Day Three she was using the cleanser conditioner every day, and it was making her hair shinier with more body. By the end of the week, she found that her hair was super soft and full of body. http://www.qvc.com/beauty/wen/_/N-rhtyZ1z141dz/c.html

Wen by Chaz products are all organic and designed to feed the hair shaft, so it creates healthier hair. Chaz believes that healthy hair is beautiful hair, and women agree.

The products are available on eBay and Guthy-Renker online.

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