The Positive Contributions of Omar Boraie to the Society.

The global economy is rising at a fast rate, and this has made more people across the world to need luxury homes and apartments. The high demand of top notch properties has made many real estate developers invest billions of dollars in the business in most parts of the United States. The project developers have not only focused on establishing new sites but also bettering the communities that live in various areas. Some of the buildings that developers create are highly refined to the extent that they sell them by making invitations. Omar Boraie is one of the most established businesspersons, and he is currently based in New Brunswick. He has made significant contributions to the transformation of the city.

Omar Boraie is a business mogul and is the proprietor of Boraie Development Company. He currently serves the company as its vice president. The entrepreneur was born in Egypt. He is a brilliant person and has excellent ideas on how to establish luxurious apartments, community halls, and modernizing old buildings that are based in New Brunswick. According to a NJ Biz article, various people doubted if his real estate projects in the area could be successful since most of it was barren land. Omar’s company, Boraie Development, worked with its employees to make the dream real. He started various posh projects that have significantly assisted in changing the area.

Boraie Development has managed to complete various projects in New Brunswick,, and they include The Aspire, Albany Street Plaza, and Rector Street. The company has changed the landscape of the city and also helped in improving the community that leaves in the area. According to him, it is necessary to better the state of the whole community for a zone to be developed.

Apart from being an active businessperson, Omar Boraie is also a philanthropist, and he has been showing great support to the people of his city. He currently serves as a member of the New Brunswick-based Board of Trustees for the State Theatre New Jersey. Omar has been assisting the organization in creating and sponsoring several events. He also sits on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise. The non-profit foundation is dedicated to making sure that there is a regular supply of food to the people. It has also been using food to assist in transforming the community. Omar has been using his company in conducting projects in Newark and Atlantic City.

Another significant activity that he has been involved in is offering contributions to organizations that are striving to find cancer cures. He acts as the Genomic Science at Rutgers University chairperson. Omar is an expert in chemistry. He studied in Europe and was awarded a Ph.D. in the field. His excellent science expertise helped him to be chosen as the head of the organization. In a report by, Omar has offered a lot of money to support the undertakings of the organization that is dedicated to using genomic science in finding a cure for cancer. His donations are highly appreciated in New Brunswick, and they will have a positive impact for many generations.

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  1. Today many people find it really interesting that most of the non profit institutions are making control of so much money but it is normal. The values that they share and works for them even should have cost more money but for the selfless services people volunteer to do. I think looking at some good reports on this will further shed more light on the work that is being done in the end.

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