Gareth Henry- Supporting Future Actuaries

In December 2018, Heriot-Watt University announced a new scholarship for its students enrolled in the Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics Program. Under this scholarship, funded by Gareth Henry, a 2001 alumnus, not only will the recipient receive monetary support but they will also receive mentoring from the benefactor of the program. In addition, the student will receive assistance in finding a job once they graduate from the university. This combination of monetary support and direct coaching from a successful alumnus is rare and will give quite a leg up for those who receive the scholarship.

Gareth Henry, a graduate of the school, is hoping that the scholarship will help others students understand the value of hard study and benefits of success in Actuarial Sciences. Mr. Henry strongly supports the tenets being studied through Heriot-Watt programs. An experienced leader in investor relations, he believes program offerings such as modeling, Artificial Intelligence and qualitative investing are forerunners to the face of future investor relations and expectations, and having this knowledge will position students to be highly successful.

A current resident of New York, Gareth Henry continues to be involved with his alma mater and this scholarship shows his continued support for its students success. The Actuarial Science degree offered at Heriot-Watt is also unique in that students that finish their degrees are often far ahead of other programs at other universities. Unlike many others, the schools program has been accredited from the actuarial profession within the UK. as a result, students who excel might be exempted from certain professional tests that others have to take in order to validate their proficiency in the field of study. Additionally, graduates also have the possibility of receiving credit with the SOA (Society of Actuaries) of North America.

Scholarship recipients must be from the UK, show a financial need for the award and be enrolled in the Actuarial course of study. Gareth Henry will continue to support, guide and mentor those who are selected.