Jennifer Walden flies by her own wings

If you want a sense of what it’s like inside the mind of Dr. Walden, look to her Instagram page. Called the new “online resume” by Instagram expert Ryan Stein, it’s a fun way to get to know your future doctor. Walden posts arresting before-and-after images, new technologies, and candid personal photos.

The tenacious Dr. Walden has built her Austin-area practice around a holistic philosophy. Self-improvement, rather than sexier looks, guide health goals in this office.

A crowd favorite, the before-and-afters, look different from similar images in magazine. What sets them apart is how natural the”after” pictures look. The plumper pout looks better than the before picture, but not fake.

Developing non-invasive procedures is a special passion for Walden. These procedures hold less risk but have comparable results to more traditional therapies. Her newest, the EMsella chair, strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Electrical impulses equal to 20,000 kegels tighten the area, improving incontinence up to 95%. Dr. Walden modeled this (in scrubs) as well as a throat massage procedure that tightens up the neck.

It’s not all about Walden’s practice, either. Stories from the wider world of cosmetic surgery pop up on occasion, too. For example, the recent complete face transplant performed in the Cleveland Clinic. Walden celebrates the hard work of these skilled surgeons who are able to give people new lives. Receiving this transplant gave the young patient the ability to chew and breathe on her own for the first time in years.

Walden’s spa is a life-enhancing spa, not just a place for botox and lip fillers. Her philosophy of life-enhancement and better health overall shines through. Her stated goal to improve the lives of women is more than lip-service – and the Instagram is the photo proof.