Rebel Wilson Rises Up

Isn’t it Romantic is a fun romantic comedy that has a fun twist to it. It is a movie about the main character, Natalie played by Rebel Wilson, who is an architect caught in a hilarious love triangle.

The triangle is between a sexy stranger played by Liam Hemsworth, Josh, best friend of Natalie and played by Adam Devine, and yoga ambassador, Priyanka Chopra. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

Natalie gets into this predicament when she gets into a tussle with a thief, and she gets knocked out in the process. When she wakes up to her nightmare of being trapped in a romantic comedy, she finds herself in a world that she cannot escape and desperately wants out. Isn’t it Romantic which will be released Valentine’s Day in 2019 is a fun romantic comedy for all those who dislike romantic comedies.

Rebel Wilson is well-known for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids and is a comedic genius. She is bubbly and loveable as well as unstoppable. She has had her fair share of obstacles to overcome but that has never stopped her in the past, and she has just gained momentum. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter and Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList

She also refuses to fit into the pre-made mold that Hollywood has created, and she embraces herself as she is. She is a plus-size leading lady, and she has a knack for making people laugh and forget about their daily problems.

As a child, she was quite shy and quiet, but she took acting classes and has transformed into an actress who is becoming a household name. Rebel Wilson has always admired actors such as Robin Williams, and although she has pretty much always filled the role of comedy, she is not entirely against playing a more serious role. In fact, he has already gotten a few offers for a more serious role.

Rebel Wilson didn’t have a glamorous upbringing, and in fact, it was quite the opposite. Her family frequently traveled as her parents were professional dog trainers. They sold dog supplies out of their caravan and they always have many beagles in their home. She is actually allergic to dogs but never realized it until she moved out of the family home.

She graduated from the University of South Wales and has her law degree as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies. She is also a former Youth Ambassador for Australia and was based out of South Africa where she contracted Malaria. While recovering, she has a dream/vision that she would win an Academy Award.

Rebel Wilson enrolled in the Australian Theatre of Young People and created her very own comedy theatre production. Her first screen debut was called Pizza that showed in 2003.