Securus Technologies Gets Support From Facilities Through Positive Customer Comments

The leader in cutting-edge technology that has aided eight prisons in the country and many more to follow, Securus Technologies and their creation of Wireless Containment Units are continuing to receive positive feedback from facilities nationwide. The containment systems are aimed at barring calls made by prisoners using illegal phones while in the compounds of the correction facilities. These containment units can also be used to block incoming calls as well as record calls made from jails.



The initiative to build wireless units was taken to ensure public safety and prevent any instances of hits being called for by inmates while still in the confines of the compounds. These systems have been receiving positive comments from existing jails that have implemented the use of these devices. While a few of these remarks praised the efficacy of the units to track calls made between inmates and catch them while they were discussing illegal items such as alcohol and drugs, other comments emphasized on the helpful nature of these units to track calls made by staff who were providing contraband devices to inmates. Some of the facility comments also highlighted that the results they have seen in a short span of time and they look forward to more such positive results in the next few months.



In an extended attempt to build stronger and more secure prisons, Securus Technologies acquired J-Pay as a wholly purchased subsidiary which gave prisons access to the best of technology. Securus Technologies was also recently awarded by the Better Business Bureau with an accolade of the highest recognition. The Bureau deemed the work done by this firm as worthy of this award as the company had not only exceeded the industry standards but had also started a fully-functional call center that had an astonishing first call resolution rate of 99 percent.



What Inmates and Law Enforcers have to Say About Securus Technologies

Prisons and correction agencies need stronger communication services that most other departments.


The main reason for their necessity for a specific type of communication solution is because they deal with inmates, and because telephones are continually breaking in these facilities. Prisons are the places where communication needs the biggest repair. Because of that, and a couple of other necessities, there must exist a company that provides these solutions specifically to them.


This is where Securus Technologies enters the scene.


Securus Technologies, now led by the CEO and Chairman of the corporation, Rick Smith, is currently dominating the market as the first choice when inmate communication services come to mind.

How did they acquire such a strong reputation?


Some of the testimonials left by employees of prisons and correction agencies exemplify what Securus has offered that other firms did not.


First and foremost, an employee of a prison in Dallas, Texas, stated that the monitoring tool of the Securus Technologies system has helped them caught a corrupted staff. He was helping a drug dealer inside the prison with contraband. Being able to revisit past conversations between the inmate and anonymous telephone numbers was enough to catch the man.


Their mindset and focus on developing new technologies every single week are also very famous among inmates and law enforcers. An inmate has stated that, because of disabilities, he was not able to use the telephone like every other colleague. However, Securus Technologies had developed new ways of talking to your friends and relatives and still be inside the prison’s system and being able to be monitored.


Rick Smith has developed a company that has provided to these prisons something that was not yet available: A package of security, technology, and honesty.



How Securus Technologies Changes Prison Policy

It seems like yesterday that my prison was ranked worst in state for violence. Me and my fellow officers were unable to even get near inmates because it would explode into a violent episode. Thanks to Securus Technologies, the crime and violence has dropped, and we are able to once again maintain a degree of order throughout.


Securus Technologies is responsible for developing a call monitoring system that is used in the jail to listen to when inmates are using the house phones. In the past, me and my fellow officers would need t be manning the phones manually, and this took us away from other areas of the prison that needed our attention. Even listening manually we still were unable to gather all the evidence we needed because of the sheer number of calls versus officers.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, and they are already up and running with this system in over two thousand prisons. The company boosts that all thousand employees are working to make this world safer for us all, and we can definitely attest to that.


My team was quickly brought up to speed with the LBS software, which now scans all the calls on the jail phone for chatter relating to crimes, violence, drugs, contraband, and gangs. If the system does pick up on anything, me and my officers will get the alert and then be in the position to take action immediately instead of letting the incidents unfold.


To give you a better example of how we get ahead of issues now, the LBS software alerted us last week when an inmate bragged about doing drugs in his cell. We even got an alert as a new gang member complained he was being forced to sell drugs and pay his leaders for his hard work.


Securus Technologies; Incorporating Technology in Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies is prison technology company serving over 3000 law enforcement, public safety, and correction facilities with over a million inmates in North America. The company is committed to serve and connect by improving public safety and revolutionizing the incarceration experience. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides a suite of civil and criminal justice solution to make the world a safer place to live.


Through their highly experienced team of engineers and technologists, Securus has continued to avail high-tech software solutions to correction facilities. The company regularly develops new products and services to assist law enforcement and corrections officials in solving and preventing crimes. Through this, Securus has received showers of praise regarding their technologically advanced services to prisons and helping keep the society, including prisoners, their families, and parolees safe.


Recently, Securus announced that it had activated another implementation of its Wireless Containment Solution (WCS).  The solution also collects the electronic identity of the contraband phone, providing correction officers with data and intelligence to help solve and curb crime. Richard Smith, Chairman, and CEO of Securus applauded states implementing their new technology in preventing unauthorized communications thereby keeping the public safe.


In the past, other providers in the industry through their managed access solutions have appeared to identify cell phone signals but unable to prevent them. Securus team of technology experts was able to solve this problem by introducing Securus Wireless Containment Solution. Through the technology, unauthorized calls are barred from getting to the network where they can endanger the lives of officers, witnesses, victims and inmates themselves.


Contraband phones in the hands of prisoners present a high threat as they enable continued criminal activities from prison. According to Smith, the solution contains specialized technology which manages all unauthorized mobile devices in a controlled area in a facility and only allows authorized devices to connect to the network. The main aim of the technology is to stop this illegal use and help its clients improve safety within and outside the correctional facility walls.


Securus Technologies is committed to being the leading provider of high-tech software solutions to help correction facilities efficiently conduct their mandate. With hundreds of patents and scores of professionals, the technology at Securus is second to none. Through their products, the company aims at providing its clients with high-quality services and best economics in the industry.