The Chainsmokers Now Have a Diamond Single

“Closer” has become the biggest hit for the Chainsmokers duo, a song that they released together with Halsey two years back. After all this time, just recently the song became a certified diamond in the country for shipments of the song that have gone way over 10 million units. The musicians could not wait to break the great news to the public, therefore, they took on to their social media pages to announce the achievement. They posted pictures on their Instagram accounts proudly holding the diamond certification plaques as a way of proving this huge achievement to the public and also their fans

The song received the platinum certification last year from the Recording Industry Association of America, which is the organization in charge of the music industry. The platinum certification for “Closer” was awarded when it achieved sales of over 7 million units. These achievements are usually updated on the RIAA website.

In the Summer of 2016, “Closer” quickly jumped to emerging at the top position for the top 100 hit songs of the time. Also, the song surprised countless people for holding the position for much longer than they had a predicted. It was an indication of the song has become a favorite to music lovers. Further, the Chainsomokers hit song also took the top position when compared with other hit songs from a variety of genres. “Closer” also made history by becoming the fourth longest-running number one hit song in the USA.

The song has been a great success such that the Chainsmokers received a nomination for a Grammy award. Even though they did not win the award, it put them in limelight more than any other song they have done before. The song also won numerous awards and over the years its sales have been rising. It has continued getting more airplay in radio stations, and more people are streaming it every day.

Although Chainsmokers pride themselves of other top hits, none other boosted their career in a great way than “closer.” It has completely changed whom they were before and fans now consider them as superstars. It has also boosted Haisley’s career in music in a big way.

Jeremy Goldstein and The Fountain House host a Wine Dinner Fundraiser

In May 2018, a wine dinner was held to help support an organization called The Fountain House to raise funds for their operation, which helps those with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein, one of the members on the Board of Directors for Fountain House, was the host of this event. Along with Jim Finkel and Omar Khan. Together they raised over $56,000 to contribute towards the organization. The dinner featured food, wine and high-profile guests. It was held on the rooftop of the NoMad Hotel.


The Fountain House


The Fountain House, founded in 1948, it tries to address the issues of people living with mental illness. They are a self-help program that helps men and women suffering from mental illness to recover and overcome them with help from professional staff members, doing so for over 70 years and counting. Community based projects are held, which help its members to build solid friendships and develop new skills while giving them a sense of purpose. The Fountain House also has an Employment Program that helps 42% of its members with mental illness find a job.


In addition, they have other programs for the mentally ill that assist with housing, health, education and their overall wellness. The foundation offers a reliable support system to help assist their members of all ages. For those with Medicaid Managed Care, Home and Community based services are also available. The mission of these programs is to:


  • Increase confidence
  • Acquire and applying new skills
  • Building lasting friendships
  • Reaching educational and employment goals


Because of the phenomenal leadership at The Fountain House, from its Board of Directors like Jeremy Goldstein, the operation has grown to 300 locations in 32 states and 30 countries. Providing care and assistance to more than 100,000 people worldwide.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners at a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. They are an executive firm that advises CEO’s, management teams and businesses, in issues about business events context and other issues. Goldstein is regarded as one of the leading executive compensation attorneys in the US. He worked on most of the big corporate deals in the last decade.


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