I Made A Mistake At Neurocore, and Now My Boss Knows. How Can I Correct That Without Losing My Hob?

Mistakes happen from time to time. What is important is that you recognize what you did on the job at Neurocore. The next part might require some damage control. It depends on how bad the mistake was. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


What Do I Do?

1) Take a look at what happened before you panic. Was it a small mistake? Is it a large one? How bad is it going to impact things in your office at Neurocore? Accessing the big picture will allow you to figure out what direction to go. In other words, do not start panicking unless there is a reason to. How I wish I had known that back in the day.

2) Tell your boss once you have assessed the damage. Let him know right away what happened and why. Some people like to forget it happened and then plead “not guilty” when the boss finds out. You do not want to do that. Your boss at Neurocore is going to have more respect for you if you come forward. Besides, that is a childish thing to do. You are not a child. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

3) Take full responsibility for what you have done. This is not the time to blame others for your wrong-doing. Admitting you made a mistake does not mean you are incompetent. You are human after all. Taking full responsibility means you do not blame a missed deadline on the easter time or pacific time. You cannot blame the time. Admitting your mistake with your boss at Neurocore in a backhanded way is not going to work. You cannot throw others under the boss either.

4) Admitting you made a mistake at Neurocore is not going to end in you being fired. That is one reason why some people do not admit their mistakes. They fear being fired. Has your boss given you any indication that you are fired? No? Well, then you should relax and focus on fixing the problem instead.

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