Organo Gold Is Revolutionary in the World of Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Organo Gold may not yet be a true coffee industry giant, but it has been around for a full decade at this point, and those in the know are drinking up to their hearts’ content thanks to this innovative alternative coffee brand. The ambitious Canadian brothers who created the company are experts when it comes to marketing their unique beverage. Organo Gold is of great interest to many consumers for its impressively high quality and unique marketing strategy that makes waves all over the planet by allowing the people who buy the products to sell and distribute them independently, which ultimately helps to further grown the brand.

Coffee and tea are what most consumers will recognize the name of Organo Gold for. This special type of beverage product is made from an ingredient that is not found in other brands: Ganoderma. Ganoderma is one of the most healthy foods available, and it is actually a type of mushroom. This mushroom brings to the consumer benefits like skin improvement and helping one’s immunity. Some customers have reported that the beverages they drink from Organo Gold help to ease their anxiousness and stress. In addition to all of this goodness, the drink also is one that people truly find tasty.

Tea and coffee, though they were initially the only products sold by this entity, are not the only offerings that the company has for their customers. There are numerous interesting products now sold by Organo Gold. There is even a special type of toothpaste that is made with Ganoderma lucidum, which aids substantially in the whitening process. With the staggering amount of progress made in the market by this group in such a small number of years, there is a great probability of future expansion for Organo, and this is truly an exciting thought.

Fortress Investment Group: Acquired by Softbank

Fortress Investment Group began as a private equity firm in 1998, and it became popular in 2007 by being the first private company to go public in the New York Stock Exchange. The company is New York-based and has three significant principals, who were the founders of the firm; Peter Briger, Randal Nordone, and Wes Edens. Read more on

Fortress Investment Group has gained expertise over time in some fields such as investment that is asset-based, which has been facilitated by its credit funds as well as its private equity. The company has therein become a master of both sectors and has gained control of not only the financial assets but also the physical assets.

Fortress Investment Group has also become an expert in mergers as well as acquisitions during the almost two decades of existence. The employees of the company have over the years networked enough with other companies as well as their stakeholders, and this has also contributed to Fortress Investment Group’s expertise in the capital markets because the employees are always hands on regarding the market trends.

As a result, Fortress Investment Group has become not only the best employer in the United States but has also gained over a thousand private equity investors. Over the years, the company has also been an expert in operations management, where it has come up with ways to which to gain value from the complex investments it makes.

In this case, the company has been successful in its evaluation of strategies, structures as well as the operations when managing most, if not all, of its portfolios and those of other companies. Managing portfolios for other countries has given the company a lot of information regarding the various industries where he has worked.

In 2017, Fortress Investment Group agreed to a merger agreement with the Japanese company, Soft Bank Group Corporation. Soft Bank Group acquired Fortress for about $3.3 billion. However, the three principals agreed to hold their leading positions in Fortress, as well as the company’s senior investors. The merger highlighted that Fortress would now operate as an independent business but within the Soft Bank Group. Moreover, the company would continue t be based in New York.  Visit


HGGC: History and Co-founders

Before becoming the Huntsman Gay Global Capital as it is known today, HGGC was in the past registered as Huntsman Gay Global Partners. It is a private business venture whose model of handling investments is designed to give it advantage in the finances and acquisition business environment as well as be able to successfully tap into the wealth of opportunities that businesses in the mid-market present.

The three co-founders who started this company back in 2007 had the vision to start up a company that would be open to investments across all sectors, either public or private. HGGC is now located in Palo Alto in California, under the leadership of Steven Young, the MD, Richard Lawson the CEO and Robert Gay the Executive Director.

The firm has risen over the years to be able to invest in business, financial capital ranging from $25 to $125M.

Although having enjoyed much success in acquisitions and mergers, liquidations and reinvestments, HGGC has seen its share of problems with the law and has faced several lawsuits.

In 2015, they sold a company called Citadel Plastics Inc to A. Schulmac Inc., at the cost of $800M. The latter accused Citadel of selling products that did not meet Underwriters Specifications. Schulman Inc. sued for over $250 million in damages, but HGGC denied these allegations and stated that their relationship with Citadel was strictly financial and not operational.

Other allegations too have been reported that seem to all stem up from Citadel. Citadel bought a company called Lucent Polymers before being sold to Schulman by HGGC. The FBI reportedly issued subpoenas to investigate the allegations.

Despite such kinds of setbacks, this company continues to rise and has continued to expand its horizons into the international business environment. When interviewed, employees say that one of the major pros of working at HGGC is their definition of what constitutes the firm and that is its people. At all levels of the workforce, the entire staff of at this company strive to make it a happy working environment. This company is known to make different acquisitions in various business-related industries.