Success of Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold

Success in business never comes on a silver platter. Hard work, determination and persistence among other virtues must be employed to succeed. Such is the spirit Bernardo Chua followed to succeed in business. His journey to success started in 2008 when he began the company Gano Gold.

According to his vision, Gano Gold was to sell coffee products that contained Ganoderma lucidum in the Philippines. Three years later, he was running a successful business with a consumer base spread in Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States.

To achieve success in marketing his products, Chua employed a multi-level marketing strategy. It is through this approach that he managed to widen his consumer outreach programs. This practical method earned him recognition as the 55th largest direct sales company internationally.

Chua received the honor which cited him as the most outstanding entrepreneur globally in his home country, Philippines. Currently, his products are available in over 40 countries.

One of the greatest achievements of his company came in 2015. The firm unveiled a new application to promote sales through reward programs. Previously, Bernado Chua relied entirely on independent distributors to make sales. The new application allows the independent distributors to increase sales significantly by inviting more members to register and act as the direct sales agents.

The firm also set up a customer hotline service number to address customers’ concerns effectually in real time. Through this platform, new and existing consumers get direct and reliable information and assistance on various products in the market.

According to numerous consumer reports, coffee is the second most consumed beverage globally. It ranks second after water. Through value addition and stringent marketing strategies, Bernardo Chua managed to capture the world market with ease. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

He integrates the use of herbs as an ingredient to add medicinal value and a calming effect to the product. In addition to raking in higher profits, Chua is credited as an international employer with interest to improve the lives of people by giving them an opportunity to make money in the multi-level marketing network. He is the recipient of two People’s Choice awards that honor his efforts in creating jobs in the Philippine region.