Sussex Healthcare: Click Here For A New Rewarding Career

Getting started in a new career is just a few clicks and keystrokes away. Whether you’re a seasoned healthcare professional or looking to get started in a new and rewarding career, Sussex Healthcare has something for you!

The company has over 25 years’ experience and a dedicated staff of professionals looking to mentor you through every step of the way. Their dedication to educating professionals and developing their employees’ skills is unwavering. If you’re looking for benefits, you can’t beat Sussex Healthcare in that department. Double pay for certain shifts, a retirement pension plan, free uniforms, an employee bus service, referral bonuses, and career mobility are just a few of the benefits available.

Sussex Healthcare specializes in the care of older people, those with multiple (learning) disabilities, end-of-life care, neurological care, dementia care, and more. With such a wide variety of healthcare settings, you’ll be sure to quickly find your favorite setting. Accommodations, amenities, and technology are all top quality. You’ll also be working with some of the most talented healthcare professionals in the industry. It’s no surprise that so many patients trust Sussex Healthcare.


New leadership has also taken effect, recently. A new CEO by the name of Amanda Morgan-Taylor has dedicated herself to improving the quality of care at Sussex Healthcare. She comes from a mental health nursing background and has served in many executive management roles. Her vast knowledge of the complex workings of healthcare provides the company with a competitive advantage. She has also worked in social and privatized healthcare settings. Having this experience is invaluable in a long-term care setting and provides yet another significant benefit to the company. She has been serving as CEO since January 2018, however, she started getting acquainted with the company as soon as she accepted the new position. Both she and the company are looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Sussex Healthcare provides a talent network to showcase its newest openings. Here, you can view the full job descriptions, benefits information, qualifications and much more. Sign up for job alerts to get notified as soon as new positions become available. There are many full-time openings available in both East and West Sussex. If you’re ready to stop working at a dead-end job or company, step up to the challenge and check out Sussex Healthcare. With such a great compensation package and more benefits than you could even imagine, you’ll be on your way to an all new level of career success.

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