MB2 Dental: So Dentists Get To Practice Dentistry Once Again

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental practice management organization where technical, business and legal experts manage the business and managerial aspects of affiliated practices while the dentists treat patients. While some management firms may put profits above patients, MB2 Dental is run by a dentist, CEO Dr. Chris Villanueva, who founded the company as well. Dr. Villanueva’s work experiences shapes his company; he has been an associate dentist, practice owner and dental trainer, which allows him to understand dentist’s frustrations and the need for both clinical autonomy and effective management procedures for dental practices and solo practitioners. Dental practice management companies are common now, however, Dr. Villanueva wanted MB2 Dental Solutions to be different. As a dentist-owned firm, the dental management company’s mission is to have happier practitioners and patients who have better experience at affiliated practices. MB2 Dental Solutions has associate dentist, orthodontist and pedodontist job openings as well. Their recruiting team matches dentists with an affiliated practice that is a good fit. Recruited dentists have clinical independence, mentors and ownership opportunities.


After Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental in 2009, the company grew to include more than 70 affiliated dental offices in Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee. Traditionally, dentists either opened their own solo practice, which involved becoming a jack-of-all trades, but enjoying complete clinical control or joining a large dental practice, where they had state of the art equipment available to them, but less clinical autonomy. Now, dentists see the possibility of a third option with MB2 Dental, where they can have the complete clinical autonomy while enjoying the freedom of getting out from under the tedious business functions.


MB2 Dental handles a wide range of services for affiliated practices, including human resource functions. In addition to the traditional talent acquisition by providing qualified, pre-screened candidates and employee relations tasks, MB2 Dental also handles employee development, payroll and more. Affiliated dentists have access to a procurement team that arranges the best terms with high quality dental supply partners as well. In fact, MB2 Dental Solutions supports affiliated dentists in every area, leaving them free to focus on their patients.