Bruno Fagali and His Work Within the Legal Field

Despite there being hundreds of qualified attorneys in Brazil, Bruno Fagali is still one of the most well-known to those who are in need of compliance, ethics and administrative legal aid. This expert has been working within the field since 2006 and has over a decade of qualified experience. He has worked with hundreds of clients since the start of his career and has skills in many different areas of the legal system. As of right now, Bruno Fagali works primarily on ethics and compliance cases with a specialty in administrative law, however, he has also worked on family legal cases to ensure the best outcome for his clients. Read more articles about Bruno Fagali at

After graduating from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2005, Bruno Fagali began his career and noticed a gap in the market for solid administrative legal aid. Because of noticing this gap, he went on to create and establish his own company known as Fagali Advocacy. The company is specific to administrative law and has since worked with hundreds of companies and corporations within the country itself. He is head of a multitude of lawyers who take on cases for the firm’s clients.

When Bruno Fagali isn’t working or flying around the world to educate and provide legal aid to other countries, you can find him spending a good deal of his time with family and friends. He is currently married with two children and enjoys going to different sporting events within Brazil. You can find out more information about this amazing professional by visiting either his websites or social media accounts. You can also hire him for whatever legal case you have coming up by contacting his office and speaking with one of the trained representatives who will be more than happy to take on your case and see it through to the end. Read more:


The Life And Career Of Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is a general consultant in different industries such as telecommunications, constructions and banking. This helped him a great deal with his career as a consultant. He graduated from the University of Lowa with a bachelor’s degree in Law. Read more about Michael Hagele at


During his twenties, Michael Hagele worked in a cash wash in Chicago which he describes as his worst job ever. This was because of the frigid weather that used to freeze his hands off. That is when he decided to pursue his educational ambitions. He attained his Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of California, Berkeley. In his late 20s, he worked with many law firms where he counselled them on client matters and critical decisions that would alter the firm’s future. Apart from these, he has also taken on commercial pacts, intellectual property rights matters, and several corporate dealings. Due to his expertise in closing commercial agreements, Michael worked his way up to be a permanent in-house attorney for the companies. Michael is also an investor in start-up technology enterprises as well as a founder of some corporations in the banking and hospitality business sectors.

During an interview, Michael Hagele insisted that the idea to begin his practice came as a result of his experience while working for other companies. He realized that serving his client base on a small scale practice offered not only affordable but world-class services. In turn, it allowed him to make his name known nationwide.

One of the things that manage to catch the eye of the lawyer is artificial intelligence. This is because it influences almost if not all the fields in the industry. Artificial information in today’s world focuses on determining trends and patterns by using algorithms. Michael takes pride in this as it helps him to decide which companies are profitable for him to invest.

Michael Hagele emphasizes that social media is very significant to the growth of a business. It’s a great way to increase the business’s visibility and brand recognition. These platforms also create a voice for the firm and personalized responses to customer’s queries. Find out more:


Jeff Herman Is A Great Lawyer

Courts of law were created in an effort to keep people from acting without civility. Today’s society is more civil than ever before – people generally don’t kill others to exact revenge in response to bad deeds perpetrated by those other people, businesses typically refrain from engaging in bad business practices to hurt other entities competing against them, and so on.


Attorneys protect people against wrongdoings committed by others; they can fluently speak the language of legalese to largely prevent their clients from getting raw deals. Some victims of crimes receive more justice than others, just like Florida’s own Jeff Herman.


Who is Jeff Herman?


Mr. Jeff Herman is a practicing attorney who earned a professional degree to practice law in 1985 from Case Western Reserve University. In the many years since he kicked his career into action and reveled in the success that has followed, he’s practiced across many states, the most notable of which include Oregon, New York, and Florida.       He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.


Has Mr. Herman been involved in any cases of note?


Seeking justice for clients victimized by sex crimes is difficult because physical evidence often isn’t present unless victims are aware of such abuse from the time it happened and quickly report it to proper authorities. As such, he has tried to help many people allegedly involved in very sticky situations with big names involved, though hasn’t yielded success in all of them.


However, the largest payout Herman has ever garnered for his client was when he Won The $100 Million Case. This judgment came from scandals proven to be true involving the Archdiocese of Miami – a branch of the Catholic Church under the leadership of Reverend Neil Doherty. Thanks to the help of Jeff Herman, Neil Doherty was convicted of many counts of sexual abuse and will likely never be a free man.


Herman finally got the case to stick after years upon years’ worth of extensive effort; during the time the Catholic Church avoided being stuck with any convictions by reminding presiding judges of the rules of statutes of limitations, pastors’ henchmen harassed Herman – though the hero never once gave up.  See This Page to learn more.


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Jeff Herman, A Leading Attorney For Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is the leader and founder of Herman Law, which is a law firm for sexual abuse victims across the nation.

Jeff Herman is highly respected as one of the leading attorneys regarding child sexual abuse victims in the country. His firm has received approximately $ 200 million in settlements and verdicts.


Through his unwavering dedication as well as powerful advocacy, Jeff Herman has attained a national reputation. Herman Law invests its resources to sexual abuse victims by encouraging them to renounce their lives and start a healing process. It is through this that Jeff has a national reputation as well as dedication to the clients he serves.


Recently, the renowned lawyer filed a lawsuit against the Allentown Diocese and Reverend Monsignor Nave in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Concerning the suite, in 2012, a 16-year-old who is the victim was contacted via a gay social media platform by Reverend Monsignor. From the first communication, the reverend knew that the victim was a minor.


All the time they interacted, Monsignor was the Sacred Heart’s Parish Pastor in Bath and currently holds the position of Director of the Permanent Diaconate for the Allentown Diaconate. The victim was under depression, and the reverend told him that as a Catholic Priest, he had the role of listening to people’s problems and helping them. Since then, Monsignor Nave started mentoring the victim giving the assurance that they would be friends and guide him through the state. Go Here to learn more.


Monsignor Nave enticed the victim to have their sessions of counseling online through Facetime or Skype after he gained his trust. During some counseling times, the boy was instructed by the reverend to his clothes masturbate on camera. Monsignor also got nude and also did this. Evidence of screenshots of chats, as well as images of the priest and the minor being naked, emerged as the victim would always take them during the counseling sessions.


Jeff Herman is working hard on the case to prevent future happenings such incidences. He supports the brave young man for exposing the sexual predator who is an influential personality in the society.



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