Dick DeVos: Businessman

Dick DeVos has been working with the Federal Aviation Administration for over a year, joining his wife, the new US Education Secretary, in Washington. Betsy DeVos has been on a whirlwind for education reform since her appointment in 2017, but her husband has just been meeting with the FAA in 2018 under the Management Advisory Council. This new council was set up by the FAA in order to handle upcoming policy changes and regulations in a new way.


The council is comprised of transportation authority members as well as former airline executives, but it only serves in an advisory role. Many have wondered how Dick DeVos fits into the FAA. Does he have an aviation background? In fact, DeVos has one of the best backgrounds to work with the aviation agency, although it might not seem like it at first.


Most people know the DeVos name from Amway. Rich DeVos was Dick DeVos’ father, and while Dick ran the company previous to his founding of The Windquest Group in 2000s, he has moved on to his own private equity firm where he helps businesses that want to make the world better for everyone. The Windquest Group represents many non-profit organizations, such as Boxed Water. However, what truly makes DeVos a great pick for the council is his work with local airport in his hometown of Grand Rapids.


The story has become a legend around airline executives. Dick DeVos basically saved the little airport in his hometown from going bust in the early 2000s. At the time, the airport had just re-launched under its new name. While it had been open since the early 1900s, most travelers did not use the Grand Rapids airport around the area.


That was all going to change. Dick DeVos made a phone call in 2000 to Air Tran Airways and asked the CEO if he would open up new destinations at the airline’s terminal in Grand Rapids. The CEO agreed, and there were four new destinations added to the roster for AirTran Airways. DeVos also negotiated with other airlines to create a $45 million renovation fund in order to build a business traveler center and better food court.


DeVos succeeded in re-creating the airport and getting more business, bringing in hundreds of millions in new revenue. This is one of the reasons that he will be working with the FAA to set new plans for growth and budgets in the coming years.


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Fortress Investment Group: Acquired by Softbank

Fortress Investment Group began as a private equity firm in 1998, and it became popular in 2007 by being the first private company to go public in the New York Stock Exchange. The company is New York-based and has three significant principals, who were the founders of the firm; Peter Briger, Randal Nordone, and Wes Edens. Read more on fortress.com

Fortress Investment Group has gained expertise over time in some fields such as investment that is asset-based, which has been facilitated by its credit funds as well as its private equity. The company has therein become a master of both sectors and has gained control of not only the financial assets but also the physical assets.

Fortress Investment Group has also become an expert in mergers as well as acquisitions during the almost two decades of existence. The employees of the company have over the years networked enough with other companies as well as their stakeholders, and this has also contributed to Fortress Investment Group’s expertise in the capital markets because the employees are always hands on regarding the market trends.

As a result, Fortress Investment Group has become not only the best employer in the United States but has also gained over a thousand private equity investors. Over the years, the company has also been an expert in operations management, where it has come up with ways to which to gain value from the complex investments it makes.

In this case, the company has been successful in its evaluation of strategies, structures as well as the operations when managing most, if not all, of its portfolios and those of other companies. Managing portfolios for other countries has given the company a lot of information regarding the various industries where he has worked.

In 2017, Fortress Investment Group agreed to a merger agreement with the Japanese company, Soft Bank Group Corporation. Soft Bank Group acquired Fortress for about $3.3 billion. However, the three principals agreed to hold their leading positions in Fortress, as well as the company’s senior investors. The merger highlighted that Fortress would now operate as an independent business but within the Soft Bank Group. Moreover, the company would continue t be based in New York.  Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortress_Investment_Group


Ryan Seacrest And His Busy Schedule

Many people in Hollywood juggle many different jobs but the busiest person in LA by far is definitely Ryan Seacrest. So how is he able to serve in so many different positions without getting burned out? He recently sat down to discuss how he got to where he is today and where he hopes to go in the future of his career. He begins each day by waking up at five in the morning because he has to be at the studio by six to host his hit radio show, On Air With Ryan. As it happens, it’s become the #1 LA morning drive-time show in America. As such, it is a particular point of pride for him. After he’s finished in the studio, he heads over to the office to resume work on the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping aspiring actors break into show business.

He particularly enjoys this aspect of his work as he hopes to be a good role model for the next generation of hosts and producers. Afterward, he gets to work on his new clothing line known as Distinction. He was never able to find jeans that were both comfortable and affordable when he was a kid. As such, this new line of clothes seeks to rectify that situation. He is the co-host of Live With Kelly and Ryan, one of the nation’s most popular morning talk shows. This will be his second season hosting and he is excited for some of the things they have planned. He then heads over to the office to work on his line of skin care products known as Posh.

And of course, when the sun goes down, he puts on the ritz and heads to the studio to host one of the most popular and long-running reality series of all time, American Idol. This year, the hit singing competition will be going into its 17th and final season. Ryan Seacrest has said that, while he doesn’t quite know what he will do when it ends, he does intend to find some job to replace it.

JD.Com And The Management Solutions

The JD Cloud Management solutions serves many purposes for small businesses across China. Many businesses are upgrading to this system, which was designed to guide management solutions created by e-commerce, JD.Com. The JD Cloud Management Solution was launched in December, and uses the e-commerce technology. This new technology is used to upgrade existing warehouse systems, therefore, businesses can increase numbers of orders, customers, and improving time management efficiency.

The strategy of JD’s retail services or also known as (RaaS,) will open infrastructure technologies to others companies and industries, particularly in China. The system is also set up to help companies lease and utilize warehouse space. This will maximize the use of real estate properties, while increasing the industry. Small partners and consumers can benefit from the dual corporation of JD, while also having the option of the delivery service. These products will be marked as, “Delivered by JD Logistics” on JD’s website. While using the JD Cloud Warehouse Management solution, the supply chain will open for merchants. This will help partners to predict inventory and will offer supply and demand services. The JD management system also stresses the importance of organizing layouts for consumer efficiency. JD will also provide training programs to employees to help improve operational standards.

Over hundreds of warehouses, across China, are using JD’s business management solution. A service provider named Juzi focuses on supply and demand for simple household products, baby items, and daily needs. Juzi saw his orders increase by four-hundred percent, by upgrading his existing warehouse with JD’s solution. The profits and growth of the system, has businesses and customers fulfilling over eight thousand of consistent orders. With the solution designed to power JD’s nationwide network, which is known to deliver over ninety percent of orders the same day or the next day, has become very popular with many warehouse providers. The JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution can help services as a nation, while constructing more businesses and improving services for nationwide consumers.

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I Made A Mistake At Neurocore, and Now My Boss Knows. How Can I Correct That Without Losing My Hob?

Mistakes happen from time to time. What is important is that you recognize what you did on the job at Neurocore. The next part might require some damage control. It depends on how bad the mistake was. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


What Do I Do?

1) Take a look at what happened before you panic. Was it a small mistake? Is it a large one? How bad is it going to impact things in your office at Neurocore? Accessing the big picture will allow you to figure out what direction to go. In other words, do not start panicking unless there is a reason to. How I wish I had known that back in the day.

2) Tell your boss once you have assessed the damage. Let him know right away what happened and why. Some people like to forget it happened and then plead “not guilty” when the boss finds out. You do not want to do that. Your boss at Neurocore is going to have more respect for you if you come forward. Besides, that is a childish thing to do. You are not a child. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

3) Take full responsibility for what you have done. This is not the time to blame others for your wrong-doing. Admitting you made a mistake does not mean you are incompetent. You are human after all. Taking full responsibility means you do not blame a missed deadline on the easter time or pacific time. You cannot blame the time. Admitting your mistake with your boss at Neurocore in a backhanded way is not going to work. You cannot throw others under the boss either.

4) Admitting you made a mistake at Neurocore is not going to end in you being fired. That is one reason why some people do not admit their mistakes. They fear being fired. Has your boss given you any indication that you are fired? No? Well, then you should relax and focus on fixing the problem instead.

Learn: https://fox17online.com/2015/11/23/its-not-a-lifetime-of-paying-for-meds-neurofeedback-therapy-at-neurocore/

You can also find some helpful advice at https://www.themuse.com/advice/3-phrases-thatll-calm-down-an-angry-boss-after-you-make-a-big-mistake and https://www.thebalancecareers.com/mistakes-at-work-526244.

The Chainsmokers Now Have a Diamond Single

“Closer” has become the biggest hit for the Chainsmokers duo, a song that they released together with Halsey two years back. After all this time, just recently the song became a certified diamond in the country for shipments of the song that have gone way over 10 million units. The musicians could not wait to break the great news to the public, therefore, they took on to their social media pages to announce the achievement. They posted pictures on their Instagram accounts proudly holding the diamond certification plaques as a way of proving this huge achievement to the public and also their fans

The song received the platinum certification last year from the Recording Industry Association of America, which is the organization in charge of the music industry. The platinum certification for “Closer” was awarded when it achieved sales of over 7 million units. These achievements are usually updated on the RIAA website.

In the Summer of 2016, “Closer” quickly jumped to emerging at the top position for the top 100 hit songs of the time. Also, the song surprised countless people for holding the position for much longer than they had a predicted. It was an indication of the song has become a favorite to music lovers. Further, the Chainsomokers hit song also took the top position when compared with other hit songs from a variety of genres. “Closer” also made history by becoming the fourth longest-running number one hit song in the USA.

The song has been a great success such that the Chainsmokers received a nomination for a Grammy award. Even though they did not win the award, it put them in limelight more than any other song they have done before. The song also won numerous awards and over the years its sales have been rising. It has continued getting more airplay in radio stations, and more people are streaming it every day.

Although Chainsmokers pride themselves of other top hits, none other boosted their career in a great way than “closer.” It has completely changed whom they were before and fans now consider them as superstars. It has also boosted Haisley’s career in music in a big way.


HGGC: History and Co-founders

Before becoming the Huntsman Gay Global Capital as it is known today, HGGC was in the past registered as Huntsman Gay Global Partners. It is a private business venture whose model of handling investments is designed to give it advantage in the finances and acquisition business environment as well as be able to successfully tap into the wealth of opportunities that businesses in the mid-market present.

The three co-founders who started this company back in 2007 had the vision to start up a company that would be open to investments across all sectors, either public or private. HGGC is now located in Palo Alto in California, under the leadership of Steven Young, the MD, Richard Lawson the CEO and Robert Gay the Executive Director.

The firm has risen over the years to be able to invest in business, financial capital ranging from $25 to $125M.

Although having enjoyed much success in acquisitions and mergers, liquidations and reinvestments, HGGC has seen its share of problems with the law and has faced several lawsuits.

In 2015, they sold a company called Citadel Plastics Inc to A. Schulmac Inc., at the cost of $800M. The latter accused Citadel of selling products that did not meet Underwriters Specifications. Schulman Inc. sued for over $250 million in damages, but HGGC denied these allegations and stated that their relationship with Citadel was strictly financial and not operational.

Other allegations too have been reported that seem to all stem up from Citadel. Citadel bought a company called Lucent Polymers before being sold to Schulman by HGGC. The FBI reportedly issued subpoenas to investigate the allegations.

Despite such kinds of setbacks, this company continues to rise and has continued to expand its horizons into the international business environment. When interviewed, employees say that one of the major pros of working at HGGC is their definition of what constitutes the firm and that is its people. At all levels of the workforce, the entire staff of at this company strive to make it a happy working environment. This company is known to make different acquisitions in various business-related industries.