Selling Products From Vijay Eswaran’s Qnet

Vijay Eswaran has set up something really helpful for people with many different goals. Among the opportunities people have is to take part in the direct selling opportunities. However, it is important for people to know how to sell. For those that know how to sell, it is very easy to learn how to sell. All that is required is organization and patience in order to succeed. Even with Vijay Eswaran’s influence, it is important to follow some type of procedure in order to not only get people interested in a product but get them to buy the product for use.

One of the most important things needed for sales is advertising. With the right type of advertising, any product can sell. The only thing is that people need to make the right type of ad campaign. Fortunately, there is an organized process to selling. First, the marketer has to choose a product he is going to sell. The next step is to learn about the product. Another step is for people to come up with a marketing campaign. The campaign has to be specific to the product that is being marketed so that potential customers with know what to buy.

Another important aspect of selling Vijay Eswaran’s products is relevance. Given that Vijay Eswaran’s Qnet is involved with life improvement, people can market these products on pages that are relevant to self improvement and similar topics. Once these pages are found, then a campaign can be started in order to get people who are on these pages interested in what is being promoted. People that follow a well thought out plan are going to succeed at anything they attempt. Another good thing to do like Vijay Eswaran did is to be diligent and persistent so that goals will eventually be achieved.

Get Freedom Checks and Boost Your Income With Tips Shared by Matt Badiali

The financial situation world over is very tight and volatile and if you want to survive in such a condition, you have to make sure you follow an investment strategy. If you are not very well-informed about the financial world and want to get some tips, then subscribing to the Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter edited by Matt Badiali is an ideal solution. The investment strategy that Matt Badiali is suggesting in his newsletter are very simple to follow and has a holistic approach. It ensures that the investors and readers get the results they came looking for.

Recently, Matt Badiali has been speaking a lot about the investment strategy he crafted. In this new strategy that he wants more and more people to follow, he discusses how investing in MLPs can be really beneficial. The MLP companies are bound to share ninety percent of their profits with the investors and thus, if you invest in the company, you can be sure of getting a chunk of profits without doing anything. Now, the secret is to find the MLP companies that are highly profitable and are scoped for growth.

Matt Badiali has used his years of experience to find out MLP companies that are highly profitable. Matt says in an ad that he recently published that people can get Freedom Checks in the form of dividends regularly if they invest in the companies he suggests. It would become easier for the people who are following a very tight financial schedule and want some extra income to supplement their financial situation. Matt Badiali calls dividends by the name of Freedom Checks as it would help people get freedom from their financial worries.

No matter what your financial situation is, extra income in the form of Freedom Checks never hurts. Matt Badiali says that periodically making smart investments would secure your future. It is why, he recommends people to subscribe to his financial newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist where he talks about the MLP companies that are profitable. It would help the people get Freedom Checks  that would not only boost their income, but also help lead a better life overall.

The Growth of OSI Industries

The food provision services industry is full of potential. As much as this specific industry has a lot of potential, it is up to the leaders of the various organizations to tap into it. With that said, OSI Industries will feature as the primary company of interest since they are a global leader regarding the food processing and provisions industry.

Background Information

OSI Industries was once a small butcher shop that belonged to Otto Kolschowsky. Otto Kolschowsky was of German origin, but he later decided to settle in America together with other immigrants. By establishing the butcher shop in 1909, Otto was confident enough that the butcher shop would prosper since it was mainly meant to serve the Chicago community. With time, Otto was also able to open another branch in Maywood, a suburb within Chicago. After opening up another branch, Otto was able to notice that the food industry had a lot of potential. Later on, Otto saw it fit to turn the business into a family entity. The family enterprise was later known as Otto & Sons.

Additional Information

Otto & Sons was thriving since the organization was under the management of visionary leaders. Although challenges are part of a business, finding a solution is always the best way to overcome such. Since Otto & Sons were supplying vast amounts of freshly ground beef to the McDonald’s entity, there came a time they were unable to transport the various products over long distances. The challenge came about since it was difficult to transport meat products to different McDonald’s restaurants since the distance was also a primary factor. Since scientific breakthroughs were coming about day in day out, scientists were able to discover that liquid nitrogen could be used as a food preservation agent. By using liquid nitrogen, it was possible to keep food in a frozen state. Otto & Sons embraced this form of technology and business was going on as usual.


Otto & Sons was growing exponentially, and they even built more plants meant to serve their clientele among them being the McDonald’s restaurant. As the company grew, it later came to be known as OSI Industries. After the rebranding of the company to OSI Industries, the organization has been under the management and care of Sheldon Lavin who is still the current CEO of the organization to date.

Jeremy Goldstein and The Fountain House host a Wine Dinner Fundraiser

In May 2018, a wine dinner was held to help support an organization called The Fountain House to raise funds for their operation, which helps those with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein, one of the members on the Board of Directors for Fountain House, was the host of this event. Along with Jim Finkel and Omar Khan. Together they raised over $56,000 to contribute towards the organization. The dinner featured food, wine and high-profile guests. It was held on the rooftop of the NoMad Hotel.


The Fountain House


The Fountain House, founded in 1948, it tries to address the issues of people living with mental illness. They are a self-help program that helps men and women suffering from mental illness to recover and overcome them with help from professional staff members, doing so for over 70 years and counting. Community based projects are held, which help its members to build solid friendships and develop new skills while giving them a sense of purpose. The Fountain House also has an Employment Program that helps 42% of its members with mental illness find a job.


In addition, they have other programs for the mentally ill that assist with housing, health, education and their overall wellness. The foundation offers a reliable support system to help assist their members of all ages. For those with Medicaid Managed Care, Home and Community based services are also available. The mission of these programs is to:


  • Increase confidence
  • Acquire and applying new skills
  • Building lasting friendships
  • Reaching educational and employment goals


Because of the phenomenal leadership at The Fountain House, from its Board of Directors like Jeremy Goldstein, the operation has grown to 300 locations in 32 states and 30 countries. Providing care and assistance to more than 100,000 people worldwide.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners at a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. They are an executive firm that advises CEO’s, management teams and businesses, in issues about business events context and other issues. Goldstein is regarded as one of the leading executive compensation attorneys in the US. He worked on most of the big corporate deals in the last decade.


For updates, follow Jeremy Goldstein on Facebook.

Bruno Fagali and His Work Within the Legal Field

Despite there being hundreds of qualified attorneys in Brazil, Bruno Fagali is still one of the most well-known to those who are in need of compliance, ethics and administrative legal aid. This expert has been working within the field since 2006 and has over a decade of qualified experience. He has worked with hundreds of clients since the start of his career and has skills in many different areas of the legal system. As of right now, Bruno Fagali works primarily on ethics and compliance cases with a specialty in administrative law, however, he has also worked on family legal cases to ensure the best outcome for his clients. Read more articles about Bruno Fagali at

After graduating from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2005, Bruno Fagali began his career and noticed a gap in the market for solid administrative legal aid. Because of noticing this gap, he went on to create and establish his own company known as Fagali Advocacy. The company is specific to administrative law and has since worked with hundreds of companies and corporations within the country itself. He is head of a multitude of lawyers who take on cases for the firm’s clients.

When Bruno Fagali isn’t working or flying around the world to educate and provide legal aid to other countries, you can find him spending a good deal of his time with family and friends. He is currently married with two children and enjoys going to different sporting events within Brazil. You can find out more information about this amazing professional by visiting either his websites or social media accounts. You can also hire him for whatever legal case you have coming up by contacting his office and speaking with one of the trained representatives who will be more than happy to take on your case and see it through to the end. Read more:


The Life And Career Of Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is a general consultant in different industries such as telecommunications, constructions and banking. This helped him a great deal with his career as a consultant. He graduated from the University of Lowa with a bachelor’s degree in Law. Read more about Michael Hagele at


During his twenties, Michael Hagele worked in a cash wash in Chicago which he describes as his worst job ever. This was because of the frigid weather that used to freeze his hands off. That is when he decided to pursue his educational ambitions. He attained his Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of California, Berkeley. In his late 20s, he worked with many law firms where he counselled them on client matters and critical decisions that would alter the firm’s future. Apart from these, he has also taken on commercial pacts, intellectual property rights matters, and several corporate dealings. Due to his expertise in closing commercial agreements, Michael worked his way up to be a permanent in-house attorney for the companies. Michael is also an investor in start-up technology enterprises as well as a founder of some corporations in the banking and hospitality business sectors.

During an interview, Michael Hagele insisted that the idea to begin his practice came as a result of his experience while working for other companies. He realized that serving his client base on a small scale practice offered not only affordable but world-class services. In turn, it allowed him to make his name known nationwide.

One of the things that manage to catch the eye of the lawyer is artificial intelligence. This is because it influences almost if not all the fields in the industry. Artificial information in today’s world focuses on determining trends and patterns by using algorithms. Michael takes pride in this as it helps him to decide which companies are profitable for him to invest.

Michael Hagele emphasizes that social media is very significant to the growth of a business. It’s a great way to increase the business’s visibility and brand recognition. These platforms also create a voice for the firm and personalized responses to customer’s queries. Find out more:


Aloha Construction: Joining With Charity

Aloha restoration company made an announcement that Dan Bernstein will be endorsing the company this year. The founder and CEO, Dave Farbaky who runs Aloha Construction is in a partnership with Aloha Restoration. He stated very clearly that they put a lot of hard work into the company and are very humbled with the endorsement by Dan. He further states it means a lot to him personally. If you didn’t know, Dan Bernstein is a local radio announcer for Chicago 670 The Score. Along with that, he co-hosts the Bernstein and Goff show with fellow co-host Jason Goff. The show has labeled itself as the longest sports talk show in Chicago history. Many also recognize Dan from Boers and Bernstein show. This show was on 17 years ago before ending in 2016.


Dan Bernstein is from Chicago and received his degree from Duke university. His biography shows from CBS local sports shows that Bernstein received an honor as the best sports talker in Chicago magazine. It also gave additional information stating that he is the city’s only three category winner of the Achievement in radio award.


So the question holds, why is Dan Bernstein such a fan of Dave Farbaky in Aloha restoration company? After a mutual charity meet up through Camp One Step of children’s oncology services, he decided he wanted to endorse the company. Dave and Dan both are connected to the project with the hopes for making kids with cancer have a memorable summer. David’s effort in starting the Building Better Communities campaign was to give back to the city he believes supported him throughout his business endeavors over the past years. Aloha Construction was recently honored with the Torch Award in 2017.


Through this effort, the Aloha Construction team and Dave have joined forces with the Illinois state university athletics department to spruce up involvement with the Camp One Step campaign. For Dave, who has a love for basketball and an avid sports fan, creating a partnership with the children’s charity was a no-brainier. Aloha Construction has always worked hard at getting involved with the community.

The Impressive Young Career of Yanni Hufnagel

A native of Scarsdale, New York, Yanni Hufnagel has been impacting the sports world for quite some time. Hufnagel has been a player, commentator and now an assistant coach. He has a passion for the game and has become well respected as a top college basketball recruiter. His work has helped to impact some top players, several of which are in the NBA today.


Hufnagel worked as an assistant coach for the Harvard Crimson for several years. Working under Tommy Amaker, former Duke star, Hufnagel helped the Crimson to make multiple NCAA tournament appearances. Harvard had four twenty-win seasons while Hufnagel was an assistant coach. The team also won four conference titles during this time. Hufnagel became recognized for his ability to recruit and was praised by many national organizations like ESPN and CBS Sports.


After Harvard, Hufnagel moved to Vanderbilt University. Hufnagel was able to continue the success he had previously at Harvard. He continued excelling as a recruiter. In 2014 he had one of the top recruiting classes in the country ranking in the top 30. That recruiting class included Wade Baldwin IV and Matthew Fisher-Davis, both who would go on to play professionally. Hufnagel was so impressive that he was invited to participate in a conference held by Nike. This conference had some of the top athletic directors and assistant basketball coaches that were viewed as future leaders.


Hufnagel has been able to work with many top names during his career. He has worked under well-known head coaches like Kevin Stallings and Cuonzo Martin. He had a huge role in developing NBA star Blake Griffin when he was at Oklahoma University. As an assistant at California University, Hufnagel was responsible for recruiting Jaylen brown and Ivan Rabb, both who are playing professionally. Yanni Hufnagel has proven he is a top-level recruiter and assistant basketball coach.