Securus Technologies Gets Support From Facilities Through Positive Customer Comments

The leader in cutting-edge technology that has aided eight prisons in the country and many more to follow, Securus Technologies and their creation of Wireless Containment Units are continuing to receive positive feedback from facilities nationwide. The containment systems are aimed at barring calls made by prisoners using illegal phones while in the compounds of the correction facilities. These containment units can also be used to block incoming calls as well as record calls made from jails.



The initiative to build wireless units was taken to ensure public safety and prevent any instances of hits being called for by inmates while still in the confines of the compounds. These systems have been receiving positive comments from existing jails that have implemented the use of these devices. While a few of these remarks praised the efficacy of the units to track calls made between inmates and catch them while they were discussing illegal items such as alcohol and drugs, other comments emphasized on the helpful nature of these units to track calls made by staff who were providing contraband devices to inmates. Some of the facility comments also highlighted that the results they have seen in a short span of time and they look forward to more such positive results in the next few months.



In an extended attempt to build stronger and more secure prisons, Securus Technologies acquired J-Pay as a wholly purchased subsidiary which gave prisons access to the best of technology. Securus Technologies was also recently awarded by the Better Business Bureau with an accolade of the highest recognition. The Bureau deemed the work done by this firm as worthy of this award as the company had not only exceeded the industry standards but had also started a fully-functional call center that had an astonishing first call resolution rate of 99 percent.