What Inmates and Law Enforcers have to Say About Securus Technologies

Prisons and correction agencies need stronger communication services that most other departments.


The main reason for their necessity for a specific type of communication solution is because they deal with inmates, and because telephones are continually breaking in these facilities. Prisons are the places where communication needs the biggest repair. Because of that, and a couple of other necessities, there must exist a company that provides these solutions specifically to them.


This is where Securus Technologies enters the scene.


Securus Technologies, now led by the CEO and Chairman of the corporation, Rick Smith, is currently dominating the market as the first choice when inmate communication services come to mind.

How did they acquire such a strong reputation?


Some of the testimonials left by employees of prisons and correction agencies exemplify what Securus has offered that other firms did not.


First and foremost, an employee of a prison in Dallas, Texas, stated that the monitoring tool of the Securus Technologies system has helped them caught a corrupted staff. He was helping a drug dealer inside the prison with contraband. Being able to revisit past conversations between the inmate and anonymous telephone numbers was enough to catch the man.


Their mindset and focus on developing new technologies every single week are also very famous among inmates and law enforcers. An inmate has stated that, because of disabilities, he was not able to use the telephone like every other colleague. However, Securus Technologies had developed new ways of talking to your friends and relatives and still be inside the prison’s system and being able to be monitored.


Rick Smith has developed a company that has provided to these prisons something that was not yet available: A package of security, technology, and honesty.